Alpha Mom’s Baby Names
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This morning the Wall Street Journal had a feature article on baby names (subscription required). I didn’t realize how intense the whole baby naming business had become.

Good thing there is Alpha Mom.

Alpha Mom is an online and video-on-demand media channel for mothers. Last week, it launched its own Baby Name resource which is really nicely done. Unsurprisingly, it was created on Ning 🙂

Developed by Alpha Mom as an entirely new application on the Ning Platform, it makes it easy to search 25,000+ baby names, add new names, and create a short list of favorite names as you make your baby name decision. It’s fully integrated into the main Alpha Mom site and is masked with an Alpha Mom URL ( Overall, it is executed beautifully from both a design and development perspective.

For my own edification, I took a look around at the other pastel-o-riffic baby name resources online and I can say with confidence that Alpha Mom’s Baby Names has by far the cleanest design and more names to choose from. Do the comparison yourself and you’ll see what I mean.