Free Tunes
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One of the things I love about the crew here at Ning is that they are passionate. Even better, their passion covers alot of topics. One of these topics happens to be free music licensed under a variety of friendly “redistribution” terms. Who knew?

Fabricio Zuardi, the co-creator of the Ning Music Player we released on June 2nd, just posted this to a discussion thread on Ning Network Creators:

There are plenty of good artists that release tracks in a redistribution-friendly manner, like using Creative Commons and other copyleft licenses and finding good and legal stuff should not be a problem (“traditional” record companies are having a real hard time in following up the trend and understanding the motivations of this movement, but that is another subject). Here is a list of good places to start your free music discovering:

CC Hits – Hundreds of shareable tracks with comments and details about the artists on each one, plus tags that help you find artists in the genres and mood you like.

CC Mixter – Remix artists community with lots of great artists and tracks. – Music podcast with review of tracks and artists that release their material under a friendly license. – Another great cc licensed tracks weblog.

Indieish – CC:365 project, 1 free track per day. – Great catalogue and some really nice compilations in there.

And most netlabels, like Magnatune, Beatpick, Birdsong, 12rec, Alpinechic, 8 bit peoples and thousands of others independent labels and artists, the Creative Commons wiki page for Content Curators is also a good starting point, and asking for your favorite artist to release tracks with a friendly license is always a nice thing to do also. It’s good karma 😉

There is great music worth exploring here. Even better, you can use it with the artist’s permission. That’s what I call a win/win situation.