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The JETSET SHOW is an online video channel for pop culture. It rocks. Then again, I’m biased. They’ve created a companion social network for the JETSET SHOW on Ning and I really like it.

As they describe their social network, “MIX is JETSET’S “Internet pop culture” community site where YOU tell us all that’s new, cool, counter-culture, weird or awesome and we’ll tell 50,000 people each show on!”

Like My Rawkus, they’ve done a nice job of integrating MIX, their network, with their main JETSET SHOW video channel. We love when social networks are sewn into the fabric of an overall online experience. We hopefully make this very easy to do, so it’s also great to see it in practice!

Here’s the main JETSET SHOW:

They also used one of their video shows to promote MIX. I think video is a fantastic way to introduce people to your network because it is different than your standard text. Plus they are branded for your network.

Here is JETSET’s:

I love the Zadi’s line, “The JETSET SHOW is only 4 minutes a week. MIX is 24/7.” That pretty much sums it up.

If, as a Network Creator, you have the means to create an introductory video and paste it into a Text Box on your front page, I think it’s an excellent way to communicate with your members, especially new members. Or people who should be members.

Plus, making videos is sort of fun.