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Wakefirst%20Small.jpg is the self-described the wakeboard capital of the Internet. From playing around on it, I certainly believe them.

Nick Murto and crew have done an outstanding job creating a phenomenal experience for wakeboarders and the people who love them. They have great focus and have done a really nice job integrating their branding throughout, including using their own domain name, adding their own favicon, and selling merchandise.

Their branded photo slideshow enables anyone to take a little piece of the wakeboarding capital of the Internet with you wherever you go.

And for those of you who are not familiar with the video, photo, and music players on social networks on Ning, note the Wakefirst logo. Not only is it consistent throughout the network, if you click on it above, you’ll be automatically taken back to Wakefirst. That’s viral distribution in action.

They should definitely add Facebook integration, given their topic, but that’s something that’s easy enough to do when they are ready.

All of these features are there for any Network Creator to take advantage of at any time. It’s our own little way of leaving the light on for you.