A Note on Party Crashers
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As Ning continues to grow rapidly, adding new networks and people every few minutes, there are the inevitable party crashers. This is to be expected. Your network has safeguards today in place to protect your members from spam. It will have even more controls in place shortly.

First, spam on Ning is against our Terms of Service. You can report spam on your network from any page on your network via the Report An Issue link at the bottom of any page. This report goes to the Network Creator and a copy goes to Ning. We investigate all reports of spam and deactivate people at our discretion. Even if you are Network Creator. Even if you have purchased Premium Services. Neither give you permission to be a spammer.

A few of the additional safeguards on your network today:

  • The magic email address: privacy(at)ning(dot)com. Your members can always send a message to privacy(at)ning(dot)com and ask to be removed from all messages coming from any network across the platform. In fact, anyone can take advantage of this. If you don’t want to hear from any network on Ning, we will put you on a do not email list.
  • Member email settings within your network. Your members can turn off friend and message notifications on your network or any network to which they belong. They just need to go to the Settings link under their name on the right hand column of any page. This won’t yet turn off invitations to new networks or messages from people on other networks to which they belong, but it will reduce the amount of email volume they receive.
  • Ability to ban anyone from your network. From the Members link from the Manage tab – or any profile page on your network – you can ban people from your network. I would be very liberal with banning policies. Namely, you can always un-ban someone if you’d like, but protecting your network from party crashers is key. So, ban away and don’t feel bad about it.
  • Ability to moderate photos and videos before they are posted. So, this isn’t directly related to spam, but can be critical to ensuring your social network is exactly what you want it to be. To turn this on, go to your Manage page and choose the Network Information page to start moderation of photos and videos.

Combating spammers is within all of our control. Reporting them is the first step. We will take action. I’ll also do a follow up post here once we get the latest set of privacy controls out next week. So stay tuned!