Checking In With An American Band
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We featured An American Band three months ago and thought we’d check in with them again.

The first major difference from our last profile is their entirely new design. It looks fantastic and definitely “on brand” in terms of feeling like you’re at a show listening to a kickass underground band.

They also shortened the name of their effort from “We’re An American Band” to “An American Band” and bought their own domain name at, which they now highlight in the header.

The new music player on each member’s – bands and fans alike – also helps the cause. It highlights a nice feature we have in the music player where you can listen to songs on anyone’s page and with a click, add that song to your own page. This is a great way for bands to get their music onto fans pages throughout the network.

Here’s An American Band’s experience in their own words:

The learning curve technically has been very easy with Ning, while the curve on attracting members and their content has been a little tougher. We started at zero and now have 314 members and 52,00 hits.

After several graphic “rebrands” we think we have a site that helps us put forth our message – It’s All About The Bands.

We have found that “listening” to our members, especially our bands, has furthered that success.

The connectedness of Ning has helped people from other sites find us and that has been a incredible help.

Ultimately our goal is to produce a TV/Internet/Wireless show that highlights the talents of ‘unsigned bands’ nationwide. The ‘Hollywood’ community has been impressed with our efforts on Ning and Ning itself.

A social networking component for content is essential for the future of entertainment – “Let The People Speak!”

As to where they are headed from here:

We have recently begun to produce our own content highlighting bands whenever possible in the form of “photo shoots” done at live performances.

We would like to extend that site produced content into interviews and performances of our bands and contests for our members.

We are also currently working with a technology partner, Lower Mars LLC, to develop a broad wireless component to our site . . . more on that later. We’d also like to thank all our members and bands who have supported us – THANKS!!!!

We love seeing this type of experimentation and evolution as Network Creators listen and learn what their networks want from them. An American Band’s experience also underscores creating a successful social network is both an art and a science. It all starts with a great idea and a small group of passionate members. With those things in place, the thrill of creating something from nothing is infectious.