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BMW Geeks is a Japanese language social network for BMW fanatics. They’ve translated almost all of their network into Kanji on their own. Now with the new Language Editor we just released, translating your social network on Ning into any language – or changing any of the text within a language – has never been easier.

Let’s start from the top…

Supported Languages

The first step to translating your social network is to check out the list of languages we offer as standard options on your network from the Network Information page:


As you can see, we offer two versions of English and Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese. To get any of these languages, simply choose the option from the list and your network will be translated automatically. For example, here’s Santa Monica Beach Volleyball in Chinese:


Adding Your Own Language

If you want to translate your social network into a language that isn’t on the standard list, you can do this easily by taking advantage of our new Language Editor, which provides the ability to do a translation directly on your network or, alternatively, import a language file into your network that automatically puts your network in the language that you want. Here’s a screencast:

A Note to Those Who Have Already Translated Your Network

If you previously requested a copy of your code in order to do your own translation, you can follow our instructions for copying your translation file from your existing network, requesting to be “centralized” (which will enable you to get all of our new updates automatically), and then adding your translation file to your “centralized” network. This way you can get your language translation as well as all of our new features and latest releases automatically.

That’s what we like to call a win/win situation.