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We’ve just released a slew of new features for your social network on Ning. Here are a few of the highlights:

You can also see a larger version of the screencast here.

Latest Activity: We’ve added a new feature on your main page as well as across your member profile pages that lets you easily control and follow a stream of up-to-the-minute activity across your network. You can also insert custom announcements and network trivia into the feed.

Control Your Network’s Right Hand Column: You can finally add features to the right column of your network from your Features page. You have the option to make these features persistent across all pages on your network, or limit them to just the main page. If you purchase the right to run your own ads, you can move the ad module wherever you’d like on the left or right columns of the main page. If you purchase the option to remove Ning promotional links, you will also have the ability to move or remove the “Created By…” module that is persistent across your network today. This feature also gives you the option to move or remove the Network Badge promotion on your network.

Forum Improvements: You can now follow discussions and blog comments via email notifications even if you didn’t post the initial content. You can also choose to be notified whenever a new discussion is added to your network’s Discussion Forum, as well as to any Group Forums. In addition, Network Creators and Administrators (as well as the person that started the post) can now close any discussion to prevent further replies.

Language Editor: The new Language Editor has two key benefits for Network Creators. First, you can easily find and change any piece of text on your network, from the names of your navigation tabs to whatever you want for the concept of friends all the way down to the content of outgoing email messages. Second, you can also translate your network into an entirely new language that Ning doesn’t yet support, or save time by importing existing translation files from another network, without having to request a copy of your network’s source code. In fact, if the only reason that you have your own copy of the code today is for language translation, you’ll now be able to return to the centralized code and get new releases automatically.

Email Messages: Emails from your network have shifted from HTML to plain text in order to reduce the probability that they get trapped in spam filters. Any group members can also now send messages to all other group members (it’s no longer limited to just the Group Creator and Group Admins).

New Themes: There’s a new batch of themes to choose from, including Genie, Genie Olive, Red State, Blue State, Chalkboard and Encore.