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Howdy. I’m David Sklar and I’m an Architect here at Ning.

I spend my time figuring out ways to improve Your Own Social Network on Ning and the PHP environment in which it runs.

In the two and a half years I’ve been at Ning, we’ve built a ton of features into Your Own Social Network on Ning with a small team of incredible developers. We’re now looking to expand the Application Development team here and I thought I’d give you a bit more detail of what being an Application Developer at Ning looks like.

Application Developers at Ning use PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, a bit of Flash and anything else promising that comes down the pipe to hack on the code that powers (at last count) 120,000 social networks.

Developing Your Own Social Network on Ning combines a comprehensive existing codebase with a perpetual reach for the cutting edge. The 100,000 lines of code that are already there touch everything from video transcoding to dynamically editable localization catalogs. The next wave of projects we’re working on now include:

  • Providing infinite customization to network creators without them having to write a line of code.
  • Building an exchange for coders to publish modules for other networks and for network creators to easily import modules into their networks.
  • Figuring out how to make networks that currently work great with 15,000 members hosted in one datacenter work even better when they have a few million members and are distributed among mulitple datacenters around the world.
  • Leading the way on all parts of OpenSocial — hosting OpenSocial apps, developing OpenSocial apps and figuring out where the OpenSocial APIs need to go.
  • Messaging integration beyond email to SMS, IM, and other real-time channels.

Your Own Social Network on Ning is used by everyone from dental students to 50 Cent. If you like seeing lots of people use (and enjoy using!) the code that you write, this is the job for you.

Being an Application Developer at Ning means you have an extraordinary level of engagement with the folks using and extending your code. Whether it’s Network Creators who are modifying the code of their networks, or suggesting new features and bug fixes, our users are woven into the development process.

Application Developers at Ning currently span three continents, four countries, and at least that many time zones. The sun never sets on Ning! You don’t have to move to Palo Alto for this job, but you’ll probably visit frequently if you don’t.

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