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Happy 2008!


Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2008, we just wanted to take a quick moment to thank all our Network Creators for an amazing 2007. We now have over 144,000 social networks on the Ning Platform, of which 114,000 have been created since the end of February when we released Your Own Social Network for Anything.

We’re excited about the upcoming releases we’ve got planned over the next few months and want to thank everyone enjoying your own social networks on Ning today. We appreciate your continued support and great feedback in 2007. If the momentum we’re currently seeing continues, this is going to be one fun year :-).

Thanks Again!

Two Six: ‘Tis the Season


The season for snow, that is. And Two Six is the network “designed to unite individuals that share a passion for adrenaline. Snow, Skate, Surf, Wake, Ride.” This shared passion covers all seasons, but it’s clear from the Welcome image, front and center, that Two Six is geared up for winter.

With only a couple months under its belt, Two Six members have been a prolific bunch, adding hundreds of videos and photos. I know when I’m not in Tahoe this winter I can live vicariously through the members of Two Six.

Find more photos like this on TWOSiX

Opera Center


It is with a flair for the dramatic that Opera Center welcomes you.
As it should be, as Opera Center is a network “created for those who love and enjoy opera along side those who perform.” Opera Center highlights performers throughout the network. There is a member of the week (congratulations Jeffrey Snider!) displayed on the main page.

Further down, the music player features an individual member’s piece and pairs that with a biography alongside. Currently Gerard Fauvelle is featured, complete with his version of “Pourquoi Me Reveiller” by Jules Massenet.

Find more music like this on OperaCenter

Dulce, the creator of Opera Center, is also in the midst of a vocal competition, the first of many on the network. Members are posting either audio or video content of their own recordings, to be voted on by the community in the coming week.

Finally, there is a section simply named “The Greats” honoring landmark artists from the past, complete with a biography and video. The inaugural Great is Enrico Caruso, considered to be one of the greatest tenors of opera. And member Ray Chang agrees, “What a great way to start this site. With the foundation of all modern Tenors.”

Barely Political’s Spin Room


Barely Political, the creators of Obama Girl, just launched their own social network, The Spin Room, for fans of their unique brand of online political comedy and satire.

Ben Relles, BarelyPoltical’s producer and founder, and his team have done a great job integrating their new social network on Ning into their main video site and promoting both of these in one experience, all done through links and graphics. Here’s the homepage of Barely Political and you can see the promotion of the Spin Room at the top:


We love when online video creators expand their media empire by creating companion social networks. As demonstrated by Epic-Fu, Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary, and the Ninjas, when people have an opportunity to interact with online video creators and meet other fans, the results are dramatically greater page views, more things to do, and a better experience with these emerging brands. For more on this topic, Fortune just did an interesting piece that’s worth a look. Enjoy!

Barista Exchange


Every once in a while, I find myself drawn into a social network, fascinated by its members and content. And if you’ve never thought coffee could be mesmerizing, take a look at these photos from the branded slideshow on Barista Exchange:

Find more photos like this on Barista Exchange

I was amazed at the competition shots, impressed with the foam designs, and in the end, thirsting for a cappuccino, made by someone who knows coffee.

While my interest can partially be attributed to my stint as a cafe manager, there is no doubt that Barista Exchange is an interesting social network. There are videos from growing partners in Costa Rica, and latte art. Groups ranging from Roasters to Trainers. There is a podcast covering the evolution of the barista, and an article to download from Barista Magazine. This network truly approaches the coffee industry from every angle.

Disc Golfers R Us


Today I learned that disc golfers have various discs, in the bag. This is the first, but certainly not the last piece of information I will pick up on Disc Golf R Us, the place for disc golfers to connect.

I think my favorite thing on the Disc Golf R Us network is its primary guideline, “Please consider each disc golfer here to be your friend.” Sounds good to me, a network guided by the Network Creator’s vision.

Also, in the about section: “Hi. This is a holiday gift to the disc golfing community. Please make the most of it. ” Network Creator Terry isn’t lying. This social network was created less than a week ago and already boasts 652 members! This may have something to do with the cool contest Terry has running:


Happy Holidays, indeed!

Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary: It’s Comedy, People, Not Porn


Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary is a social network for fans of the eponymous online comedy, Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary. Named one of the “Best Podcasts of 2007” by iTunes, the series is written and produced by Hayden Black, who also stars as 13-year-old Abigail. Abigail is your average 8th grader, dealing with crushes on boys, feuding parents, and a (fake) rare genetic disease that makes her look like a middle-aged man.

What’s refreshing about the show is not only the amazingly awkward situations Abigail gets into, but the accessibility of the show. Produced in one minute episodes added several times a week, it taps into the feeling of being an outsider we’ve all had at one time or another.

Abigail’s network officially launched a little over a week ago. Members include everyone from teenage girls to Hayden himself, and are encouraged to add their own photos, blog posts, and videos alongside Abigail’s. Here’s the teaser trailer for the show in the network’s branded embeddable video player:

Find more videos like this on Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary

I had the pleasure of asking Black a few questions about the show and the brand new network. Read his answers after the jump!

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Polo Contacts Worldwide: A Place for the Global Polo Community

Polo Contacts Worldwide truly embraces a global network, representing clubs and associations on six continents. Their variety of groups nearly matches this, with members spanning France to Mexico:


The Main page includes a number of map features, including one that tags clubs and associations worldwide. Additionally, Polo Contacts rotates through a Featured Club on their Main page. Currently it is El Metejon in Argentina, which you can see here:


Polo Contacts isn’t just for players, it’s for “Professionals, Players, Patrons, Presidents, Umpires, Coaches, Grooms, Commentators, Groupies, Photographers, Promoters, Agents, Suppliers, Horse Dealers, PR, Press, and Groundskeepers.” The Forum Topics reflect this, with topics that range from Winter Polo to Pony Quality for learners.

So whether you’re new to Polo or more experienced check out Polo Contacts Worldwide!

Philly1: Your Place in the City

Looking for a way to connect with the rest of the City of Brotherly Love? There’s a network just for you, Philadelphians.


Philly1 is a network built to help Philadelphia residents (current, past or, heck, even future) connect with each other, exchange ideas and find out what’s going on in their city. After all, there’s more to Philly than cheesesteaks and Rocky.

The network’s motto: “Your place in the city.”

If you had wandered onto the network last Friday, you would have seen a comprehensive weekend concert and DJ breakdown (and, for the public-minded, a list of volunteer opportunities) on the network’s blog. What better way to stay informed on who will be playing at Johnny Brenda’s — Philly’s favorite burlesque hall-turned-concert venue?


There’s a comprehensive list of links to nearly every media outlet (big and small) in the city, so you can keep up on what’s going on in your city. But Philly1 isn’t just a place to connect with the whole city, it’s also a place to connect with your neighborhood. Residents of Grays Ferry have created their own group page, looking for ways to strengthen relationships online as well as in person.

Perhaps you’ve just moved to Philly, with your 2-year-old in tow. There’s a group called Philadelphia Playgroups, set up just to connect with other parents with young kids. Everyone needs more play dates, after all. Or, how about joining up with some fellow Jiu-Jitsu lovers in the city?


Members also keep lively discussions going in the forum, where you debate the quality of life in Rittenhouse Square (one of Philadelphia’s most vibrant neighborhoods and shopping districts) or mourn the loss of a favorite pastry shop.

So Philly lovers and residents join up at Philly1! Embrace the Brotherly Love.

How to Edit Your Network’s Welcome Message


Your social network’s Language Editor is powerful. There’s no doubt about that.

Using the Language Editor, you can edit almost every word in your network, giving you endless possibilities for customization. Just another little way you can make your social network on Ning the exact right social network for you.

Using the Language Editor, you can change your network’s welcome message. The welcome message is the email new members receive upon joining your network. It’s often the first interaction prospective members have with your network, so making it unique to your network is a great addition. I’ll be using my network about graffiti stencils,, as an example.

Let’s get started…

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