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Loud Old Guys is a network for the over-40 man who still knows how to rock. The network’s motto? “Life doesn’t start or stop at 40. You still play music and you do it with more panache and dough than you had when you were a kid.” How awesome is that?

The network’s members are clearly passionate about playing music. The forum is filled with tips and tricks for producing music at home, and the videos section is a great place to watch members and their bands rockin’ out. A good portion of the photos display the tools of the trade: guitars, amps, and more guitars.

My favorite thing about the Loud Old Guys network is the music player, featuring songs written and performed by the members themselves. Here’s the embeddable music player widget:

Network Creator Bob has even set up Facebook integration, so members can add the Loud Old Guys Music Player application to their Facebook profiles. What better way to promote the network and your own music?

Keith Richards, eat your heart out!