Mahalo Daily
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Mahalo is “the first human-powered search engine” and the more I explore it, the more I like it. But, I digress. Mahalo also launched Mahalo Daily, an online “how to” video series with its own social network on Ning.

They’ve enabled both Facebook Integration and OpenSocial Gadgets on their Mahalo Daily social network, so it’s a good spot to go to see these features in action. Facebook Integration is an especially nice complement to their Mahalo Daily Facebook Group. The one-click Facebook integration of the photos, music, and – most importantly for Mahalo Daily – videos from their social network on Ning into Facebook enables these videos to not just be played within the Facebook Group but on Facebook profile pages as well. Outside the walls of Facebook, your videos and photos from the Mahalo Daily social network on Ning can also be embedded on any blog, MySpace page, or website, so it’s a bit more flexible in that respect.

Here’s the branded Mahalo Daily video player with my favorite video, one about learning to surf:

Beyond just a good showcase network, I think Mahalo Daily more generally is a great example of using a video series to kick off a new online service and definitely worth it for any Network Creator to take a closer look.