Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford
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We often see new Network Creators get excited about all the social networking features they can offer their members, then get bummed because they find their Main pages getting too cluttered.

Let’s take a video podcaster for example. He/she may be jazzed about adding social networking components to their existing brand, but probably feels that their Main page should be all about the podcast itself. No distractions.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s say you want a Photos section for your network (with the corresponding tab in the top navigation), but don’t want a Photos module appearing on your Main page. Just click the “Edit” button in the upper-right corner of the Main page Photos box, select “Thumbnails” or “Detail” as the display option, then choose to show “0” items:


This will keep the Photos section functionality on your network and in your navigation bar, but make it invisible on the Main page. Lather, rinse and repeat this technique to hide other network features.

The Music feature is slightly different in that each member can have their own playlist on their profile page, while the Main page playlist is controlled by the Network Creator (or Administrators). To hide the Music Player from the Main page, simply ensure that there are no tracks uploaded to the Main page playlist, then click “Edit” and choose the “Playlist” pulldown option:


This will keep the Main Page music player invisible to your members, while still allowing them to add tracks to their profile pages.

Happy hiding!