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One never likes to put out a new release to find an unexpected issue the next morning. Yet, that’s exactly the situation we found ourselves in today. Our sincere apologies.

We introduced a database issue with this release that we’re currently patching during this downtime. This was unexpected and type of issue that shows up in production despite copious amounts of testing.

We should be back online by 9:50am PST and I’ll have another update shortly.

Again, our sincere apologies and we’re working to ensure that we get out in front of anything else that might be an issue today.

Thanks again for your patience. We really appreciate it!

UPDATE AT 9:50AM PST: We are going to need 5 more minutes as we restart the systems.

UPDATE AT 10:00AM PST: And…we’re back. Please let us know via the Ning Help Center if you are still seeing any issues and we’ll keep you posted as we debrief the situation.