Café História
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Café História is a social network for students, professors, researchers and lovers of history. The network uses our Brazilian Portuguese translation and draws members from across Brazil.

Network Creator Bruno Leal began Café História in January 2008, and over 1200 members have already joined. Bruno reports that Café História’s reputation has even reached universities and schools in Brazil.

Members have created over 60 specialized groups, including those for Mythology buffs and fans of African history. The active forum is a great place to discuss many different aspects of history. Members have also uploaded their favorite history-related photos to the network. Here’s a slideshow of the highest rated photos on Café História, which includes famous paintings and portraits of important historical figures like Winston Churchill and Charles De Gaulle:

Bruno has enjoyed the experience of managing the network very much, because “people collaborate every day with photos, videos, blog posts, and forum comments, all about History.” To a journalist and historian like Bruno, this in and of itself is rewarding. “I feel that I am doing something very important, because I am making a difference in studying History.”