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The people of Indiana have a new place to interact. Smaller Indiana takes local social networking to a new level, providing a place for members to share “ideas and engage with Indiana’s most creative and inspired souls…working together to build community, culture and commerce.”

Members have taken up the mantra in force. They have used the forums to create a classifieds section, posting jobs or their own resumes, with much more personalization and interaction than Craigslist would see. They’ve used blogs to debate issues, such as finding the line between promoting your business and spamming your friends and the usefulness of majoring in tourism. Many members also use blogs to make announcements, such as an upcoming high-tech conference.


Smaller Indiana has already become so successful that it was featured on the front page of the business section of The Indianapolis Star, the largest newspaper in the Crossroads state.

Unlike carving out their own niche on a larger, international network, members of Smaller Indiana feel comfortable being part of a network devoted solely to them.

“On Smaller Indiana, I feel like I know these people,” Lorraine Ball, president of Carmel marketing company Roundpeg, told the newspaper. “I’m 51. This is not normal for people my age. We grew up with telephones.”

The crossroads of America, it seems, is finding new ways for its residents to find cross paths. Head over to Smaller Indiana, and you might just find yourself thinking about making the move to Bloomington. And if you need housing advice, I know just the place.