Brad Mallow
Brad Mallow
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The Puppet Community isn’t a place for puppet fans, it’s a network for the puppets themselves.

Puppets like Overallbert and Mono grace the members page with their profile photos. The forum is where the puppets go to talk about puppet issues. The things that puppets deal with really aren’t that different from humans. They talk about how to get their horse paintings in the Guggenheim and how hard it is to find love.

The Puppet Community has a truly global reach, representing puppet members from all over the globe. This can be seen on the Google map that accompanies photos and the network’s videos. On the photos page, you’ll find a variety of puppet photography. The members like to pay homage to famous puppets as well as puppets of their own design.

The Puppet Community also likes to feature other puppet works of art. Check out the music video of puppet rap group Puppet Mastaz:

So if you’re in the mood for some puppet fun, dig your old sock puppet out of your closet and head over to The Puppet Community.