Brad Mallow
Brad Mallow
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myarchN is a network where members come to share, enjoy and discuss architecture.

Rafael Marxuach, the Network Creator of myarchN, strives to get the most out of the Ning platform in order to provide his members with an engaging network. Marxuach sees that the practice of architecture is advancing and wants myarchN to be on the forefront of change. As he explains, “It all started by curiosity and realizing the enormous changes that are ahead of us in the way the profession is changing with the developments of open source and the internet.”

To keep members up to date with these changes myarchN includes a news page where you’ll find RSS feeds from various architectural news sources. On the calendar page is a google calendar widget to display events of interest to myarchN members. For example, at the end of this month myarchN will celebrate its first anniversary.

To highlight and promote engaging content, myarchN has a Best Of section for blog posts, discussions, groups, photo albums and videos. Using a simple polling tool, members can vote for their favorites from three finalists in the each category.

On member’s personal blogs they express opinions on their current work and can share the projects that inspire them as well as one’s that challenge them.

In groups, the members of myarchN come to discuss the more specific realms that make up architecture as a whole. Groups cover a broad range from the specific, architectural lighting, to the grand in focus, city plans.

So if you too are an architecture buff, you’re sure to enjoy myarchN.