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Spelunkers now have an online home, thanks to the new social network set up by the National Speleological Society. The network is quickly turning into the best place for cavers to come together online.

The NSS is a non-profit organization with more than 12,000 members that encourages the study, exploration and protection of caves. Its members are highly energetic and active, and they’re bringing that same energy to the network.

The videos are a favorite feature for spelunkers — what better way to show off your explorations? Members have uploaded almost 100 videos of various spelunking adventures, and these are not your local neighborhood caves. Many videos show members climbing hundreds of feet up cave entrance walls. See for yourself:

Even more popular is the network’s photography section. With nearly 5,000 photos, members have no shame about showing off any stalagmites they come across. Members have uploaded pictures of bat hoards, beautiful underground aquifers and, of course, themselves.

While most discussion takes place on the NSS’s external forums, members regularly comment on photos, leaving compliments and asking questions. A sample of the network’s photos shows just how breathtaking spelunking can be.

Because all members of the network share a common love for the subterranean, there is always a flurry of direct conversation on the network. It usually isn’t long before a new member’s comment wall fills up with welcome notices. So if you too know the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite and want to get in on the exploration, crawl your way down to the NSS Online Cavers network.