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New Release We like new releases. We’ve also had a few weeks to get used to all the great new stuff we rolled out last night, so, at the moment, we might like all this new stuff more than some of you do.

On that point, we’ve heard your great feedback and will be rolling out a few updates to address key concerns later this afternoon (Friday, March 21st). More on that later in this post.

But first, the awesome changes you can now enjoy on your social network:

New Themes & A New Design Grid

Responding to the “Hey, give me more freedom over the design and layout of my network!” request (aka the “why is my network so boxy?” issue) from Network Creators, we’ve now added a 20-column grid that dramatically increases the number of options you have for layouts on your network.

To bring this new grid to life, here’s a whole new set of themes you can now choose from for your network. Have a look at the full set here:

Feature Redesign

We’ve revamped the look and layout of the photos, albums, videos, discussions, blog, and groups features on your network. You can see the before and after screenshots here:

Featuring Members, Photos, Videos, Groups, and Albums

You can now feature members, photos, videos, groups, and albums not only on the Main page of your network but on the specific feature pages as well. Here’s the screencast of how this works:

Up Next

So, you may ask, “how’s the release been going so far?” We’re glad you asked. (continue reading)

Here’s what we’ve heard:

Issue: New Font Size is Too Small.
Solution: For the next week, you can manually change the font size of your network by going to your network’s Appearance page, hitting the Advanced tab and adding the following CSS:

– to boost the font-size a little, add: #xg {font-size:1.05em}
– to boost the font-size a little more, add: #xg {font-size:1.1em}
– to boos the the font-size a lot, add: #xg {font-size:1.2em}

From here, we’re also going to roll out a formal change to the Appearance Page next week so that you can choose different font sizes from a dropdown menu without manipulating the CSS directly.

Issue: Profile Questions/Answers on Profile Pages are Hard to Read.
Solution: We’ll release an update to this section later today (Friday, March 21st). It will still be in the center of the page, but it will be much more readable.

The reason we’re going to keep it in the center of the Profile page (vs. moving it back to the left column as some people have asked) is that with this section in the middle of the page, you can add widgets and images to make it a bit more personal and we want it to be in the center as a foundation for more flexible designs in the future. Once we make it more readable, we will continue to monitor this placement and adjust as appropriate.

Issue: Too Much White Space on Discussions.
Solution: This evening, we’re adding a dividing line to make them easier to read.

Issue: Send Message to Friends, Add Blog Post, and Add Discussion links are Gone.
Solution: They will all be back in action later today.

Issue: Main Page Doesn’t Show Video Ratings Anymore.
Solution: These will be back in action either tonight or next week.

We’re watching, listening, and iterating rapidly to address your great feedback. Thank you. We appreciate it!