Ernie Hsiung
Ernie Hsiung
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52 Nights Unplugged is a network to discuss taking a break from all things technological — at least for one day a week, anyway. I would go into more detail, but Ariel, a popular blogger and author, does a terrific job explaining it on her Web site:

“This means no computer, no cell phone, no movies. I plan to focus instead on the other things I like doing like writing letters, crafting, organizing, dancing, going for walks, cooking and making tea, writing in my paper journal. I might also try picking up some new things to like such as watercolors, mail art, dance classes, attending lit readings, etc. I’m going to work on my next book, brainstorming by hand. (By hand, people!) Regardless, one night a week I’m going to unplug.”

The 52 Nights Unplugged forum is a place where people document their unpget itlugged habits — one conversation on the forums talks about appropriate rules for unplugging (What? No iPod? But you gotta have music!), while another thread invites other bloggers to write about their experiences. And if the idea of going unplugged doesn’t sound like it should be a mind-shattering concept, the New York Times has picked up on the story. So has The Today Show, in a video the Network Creator embedded in a text box on the main page of the network.


For the curious, I tried going unplugged last week — you forget about what a wired world we live in until you’re sitting in a living room, realizing your options are to read a book or to interact with actual living people. If you’re curious as to what it’s like, join 52 Nights Unplugged today!

Embrace the irony of joining a network to discuss not using the Internet.