Brad Mallow
Brad Mallow
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No matter where you are The Top Floor makes sure you are never too far from a rockin’ dance party!

The Top Floor is a live dance event that’s held simultaneously online and at a Los Angeles nightclub, every Friday night. Using an embedded third-party widget, network member’s can use their webcams to send live videos of themselves which are mixed into a broadcast of DJs, visual art, and the LA dancefloor. This video stream is displayed on the myriad of screens found in the club as well as streamed on The Top Floor. The action is truly interactive!

To help members keep track of what venue is hosting the dance party each week, The Top Floor uses an event calendar that lists that week’s location. Along with the amazing videos, the photos tab is where you’ll find some cool shots, from member compilations of the event to still of the onscreen visual art.

So if you’re sitting at home next Friday night but you’d really rather be dancing, just point your browser to The Top Floor and join in on the action!