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I would like this particular Monday a whole lot better if we weren’t experiencing now the second of two unplanned downtimes today.

First, let me apologize for this inconvenience. Stability and performance are our top priorities and this is an extraordinary event that we want to keep extraordinary. While we’re addressing the production issue right now and will continually improve our uptime and stability, this level of downtime isn’t acceptable to us. It’s just not the kind of service we want to be.

We believe this issue – as well as the brief issue from last week – are a result of a complex bug with an evasive trigger that we’ve identified and are working through as we speak. We will have a more detailed update as we get everything back online and ideally stable through the rest of today.

We appreciate your patience with us as we address this situation and ensure that we eliminate it going forward. I’ll have another update on our progress and status by 3:30pm PST.

3:30pm Update: We’re back online and investigating what happened. I’ll have another update tonight.