A Little Unplanned Downtime This Morning

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This morning we experienced an issue that caused all networks to be offline. At 8:54am, we put up the maintenance page for all networks on Ning. As of 10:15am pacific time, we’re in the process of bringing everything back up.

Obviously, this was unplanned and not a goal. This kind of unexpected downtime is unacceptable to us and we’re working hard not only to recover from this issue but to limit future ones. To this end, we’ll have a number of announcements over the course of the next few days with respect to additional work we will be doing to continue to add additional layers of bulletproofing to the Ning Platform.

We will update our progress with this issue and additional work on the The Ning Status blog. Thank you again for your patience and support. We really appreciate it and look forward to being back up and speedy shortly!

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