Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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From the gray background of identities to the featured groups in the foreground, Analytic Bridge covers all things analytic. The network is “bridging biostats, statistics, econometrics, computational finance, data mining, business intelligence, computer science, operations research, SAS, maths, risk management, market research, six sigma, web analytics.”

With that range of topics, featured groups cover a lot, from multidimensional scaling, SAS and statistical programming, to computational statistics. Not only is Analytic Bridge taking advantage of featured groups, the network is also utilizing the new featured members choice in the member box on the main page.

Like many professional networks, Analytic Bridge has a few places for job information, including a group for analytic jobs and multiple Job Resources in a text box on the main page. These links can be further discussed in the Careers category in the Forum.

Analytic Bridge isn’t all talk however. Not only is there a group for statistical graphics and data visualization, there are ample examples in the photos section of the network. Take a look!