Othello in black and white

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The Othello Club informs and educates about the incredibly addictive game of Othello. Join the many members who learn and hone their game skills!

Groups have been created for all sorts of levels of play! Learns the basics and tricks of the game in class in session. If you are a more advanced player, check out some tips. If you are an expert, check out some puzzles and help other players with their next move.

Members have taken great advantage of the video feature, posting all sorts of Othello-related video clips. Watch players play on a giant Othello board or watch a world champion work his magic.

If you are itching for some competition, check out the event calendar! You may want to compete in the tournament in Cambridge on May 3, or the Derby Regional Tournament on May 31.

Whether or you are beginner or an expert, the Othello Club has the action you crave!

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One thought on “Othello in black and white

  1. Giovanni

    I’m flattered to have had our little club featured. It wasn’t until NOW that I even knew about it.
    It’s also amazing how we’ve grown since our initial days back in late February, 2008.
    As mentioned in the article, we still have kept our main focus.
    1) Othello is for everybody.
    2) A place where you can meet fellow players and learn the game if you so wish.
    As of this date, we are now well over the 165 members posted on that picture. We, can gladly say we are at 446 and counting.
    We have added a few things that have taken off with our club.
    1) Fantasy WOC….when the world ranked players go to the World Championships, we have a little fantasy pool based on the contestants involved. Very fun, and now 2 years into it, I would say that is one of our more popular groups.
    2) OCRL: This group is our largest group. Othello Club Reversi League. It’s the first time the Othello Club has added a league. Over 40 members involved in that league.
    3) We have 2 Ladder groups.
    4) Lessons, Games that I played, and other teaching groups to help the beginner along.
    5) Suggested websites to play, suggested books to read and people to know. We have information on almost every single tournament world wide.
    The club is literally global. Players from all over the world are members.

    Again, if it wasn’t for NING and their easy format, this club wouldn’t be as successful as it is…..Thx again for all that you’ve allowed us to do with our wonderful game.
    Giovanni L. Barricelli (othello club network creator)

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