Manny Hernandez
Manny Hernandez
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pdxdog: A social network for dog lovers

Some Network Creators start their network first and then generate revenue from it. Andrea Schneider from Portland, Ore. was selling artisan dog feeders before she decided to start the social network to complement her business.

Andrea did her research. “Portland is dog crazy!” she confided to us. Talking to her customers and doing focus groups, she realized the additional value that she could offer through a social network for her clientele and dog lovers at large. A little more than a week after launching the network, The Oregonian was calling it “a Portland version of Facebook for dog-lovers.”

The members of pdxdog have definitely shown their canine pride by uploading hundreds of photos of their pets and sharing their dog stories in their blog posts. They are also joining the growing number of groups that the network has to offer.

As for Andrea, she’s always finding new ways to make the most of her network. She has joined Network Creators, and she frequently looks at her Google Analytics data and changes her settings through the Manage page accordingly. She is now working to offer advertising opportunities for local businesses, which she can do by purchasing the “Run Your Own Ads” premium service. She wants pdxdog to become integral to the Portland community and neighborhoods.

“Some people think there will be thousands of members on pdxdog!” she said. At the current pace, she may get there sooner than you can say “woof”!