Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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Shooting with Louisville Photography Collective

The Louisville Photography Collective is “a group of artists who choose photography as their main medium” in Louisville, Kentucky.

One goal of the network is to share feedback and criticism of the photographer’s work. There is a discussion based on critiquing the member above you that is engaging and productive. The photographers benefit from the feedback of their colleagues and others benefit from viewing the stunning photos!

Another focus of Louisville Photography Collective is to facilitate gallery showings and meetups, like the one April 8. LPC will be able to take advantage of the event calendar to plan future events.

Groups on Louisville Photography Collective run the gamut, from Art for Art’s Art to Wedding Photography. With groups and more, Network Creator Ryan Armbrust is taking advantage of the option to feature content on the main page.

LPC “think pretty highly of ourselves, quite honestly, and for good reason. Check out our member’s work, and you’ll see why.”