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Wired Journalists is a network for reporters, editors, students and anyone interested in the role of media in the 21st-century. We all know technology is changing the way journalism works, and these folks are at the forefront, “determined to make a difference.”

Over 1700 members contribute to the network and with reporters from Spain to New Zealand taking part, it’s truly a global initiative. Groups are at the heart of the network, with members gathering around topics like new to multimedia, liveblogging best practices, and gear recommendations. In the video, slideshow, and audio critique group, members are invited to post recent projects to get feedback.

Creator Ryan Sholin blogs regularly, with tips on how reporters can take advantage of the new opportunities they have online. Ryan also pulls in an RSS feed from his off-network blog, Invisible Inkling, which is just the sort of cross-promotional online presence he recommends.

These Wired Journalists have seen the future, and the future is now!