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Updates for the armed forces at

With a vibrant background filled with montages from soldiers throughout the years the Iveteran network is dedicated to celebrating the lives of those who served in the US armed forces. The tour may be over, but the memory of those you served with lives forever! Now you can maintain those bonds developed with those who served with you. Members share memories, photo’s, music, and videos of those moments.

The Iveteran network has done a great job of creating resources find Information on veteran benefits, disability, veteran business advantages, state benefits, and more. Finally got something to say? Now from the safety of your home you can write in the Forums & Blogs. Its the therapy every soldier has needed over all these years. If you need a good laugh check out the comedy bunker. According to Network Creator Iceman ‘we survived because of the bad jokes & jabs at those around us. So hey, why not laugh a little?’

Don’t wait for the annual reunion or the occasional holiday cards. Join the iVeteran network so you can share those memories like you used to – without the foxhole!

MacJunkies Unite

If you can’t live without your Mac then the MacJunkie network is for you. Inspired by Apple Inc., Network Creator Lee Brook has done a great job organizing everything you need to know to keep up with the latest Steve Jobs creation. The latest rumors buzzing in the MacJunkie blog? The arrival of iPhone 2.0. MacJunkie has the leaked pictures, reviews and more to let you know what and what not to expect about the summer release of the iPhone.

MacJunkie isn’t just a rumor blog, it’s also dedicated to product reviews for your Mac. In the market for a new monitor for your Mac? Thinking about purchasing Screen Flow to make some killer screencasts? For those thinking about a new keyboard, Check out David Rubenstein’s review:

Members are also dedicated to using social networking as a tool to  create free services for Mac lovers across the world. Their love for Macs show with their free e-magazine for Apple news, tips, reviews, rumors and much more. If this gets you Mac juices flowing, join the MacJunkie network and get your Mac fix for the day!

Dig in at YourCrate

The focus of YourCrate is evident from an initial glance. With a vinyl record as the backdrop, this network covers all things DJ. As such, the music player is front and center, featuring tracks for members to share and help identify.

If you are new to the scene, explore the available groups. They cover a wide variety of DJ related topics, from specific festivals, to genres of music. Or, take a look at the outstanding dancers and artists captured by videos.

To get a glimpse into the DJ lifestyle, check out the photos, with photo albums covering gear, gigs and conferences. And if you think you can keep up with the energy and talent displayed, join and participate at YourCrate!

Eyoked: Where Christians click

With an engaging layout, great header and logo, and loads of content the Eyoked network is the home where Christians can connect with other believers 30 and over. Members at Eyoke are involved with all aspects of single Christian living from prayer groups, dating, and more. The right side of the page is filled with a feed updated for volunteers, single groups,  bible study groups and more.

Members promote their church, ministry, Web site and business using the forums and the notes feature. The events section is filled with fun, wholesome events for Christians. Looking for something to do? There are a number of events listed aimed at single Christrians, such as a spectacular Hudson River Dance and Cruise.  Check out the Oasis Singles Dinner Fellowship featuring soul stirring musicial guests Roar and Silje Fjelde.

If you’re ready to meet your future Christian mate, check out the Eyoked network today!

Building a bridge to understanding

ChinaUS Pals is a network to provide online pen pals to people in China and the United States. To bridge the language gap, some of the network information is available in both Chinese and English, notably their About page.

ChinaUS Pals uses both tabs and a text box to display easy links to the features on the network. The forum tends to see action, as a place for members to share their experiences and learn. There is information about interpreting cultural symbols and condolences regarding the recent earthquake.

Further cultural sharing comes with other features. Photos and Videos contain additions not only from personal collections, but also scenes that represent cultural landmarks in China and America.

If you are interested in further understanding American and Chinese culture, please take part in ChinaUS Pals!

A home for Colorado’s towns


Colorado residents: Welcome to your new online home. MyTown Colorado is the social network for Colorado residents and it aims to bring the same sense of community residents get in their neighborhood to the Internet.

The network’s all-inclusive approach is obvious from the first glance. On the top left of the network’s main page, members can browse through the “Welcome Wagon” — a getting started guide for members. For starters, MyTown Colorado staff explain why they converted their old site into a brand-new social network. Of course, the reasons are numerous:

“With the former site, you could share your news, events and photos with the community, family and friends. But now you can do even more, including setting up your own profile; creating your own communities and networking with friends, groups and organizations; posting video; setting up RSS feeds; customizing your MyTownColorado page and more.” 

The more than 300 members the network has garnered already have taken a liking to the photos feature. More than 1000 photos have been uploaded so far, many of them highlighting local slices of life in Colorado. From shooting hoops to scenery shots, it’s easy to get a sense of the localities from the photos.

In another interesting use of the language editor, MyTown Colorado staff have renamed the forum to “Towns”. In doing so, they’ve created a way to focus discussion for each of the towns in the area into different places. To do so, they’ve created categories for each town, so that Boulder residents can keep their discussions distinct from Lafayette.

If you’re a Colorado resident — or would like to be — come on down to MyTown!

Welcome to Scheffland, population: fit

Scheffland is the social network of Jason Scheff – you might know him as the current bassist and lead vocalist of the rock band Chicago. Residents of Scheffland have posted videos and photos of their experiences at Chicago shows and can keep up to date with the singer by listening to his newest tracks or watching his live video streams, linked off his front page.

And for those people that want a side of “lifestyle change” with their rock and roll, there is “The Scheffy Challenge.” Inspired by Jeff losing 45 pounds in the last 11 months and five inches off his waist, Jeff is inspiring members of Scheffland to get fit, matching them with coaches and a diet/exercise program.

As for what Jeff is doing? He says it best in an e-mail: “I’m going out on tour in June with a co-bill, Chicago/Doobie Bros. We’ve actually started the Chicago World Tour 2008 in March. We’ve been to Japan so far with Huey Lewis and are going out with The Doobies, as I mentioned, and then heading over to Europe to play the summer festivals with Chicago. Having the Ning platform to run my social network is REALLY exciting. Just in three days of letting select fans in to beta test it [and] it’s blowing up already! Check it out.”

Sew What’s New?

Plush and lovely, thick and warm, stretchy and comfortable, everyone loves home-sewn stuff! is where aficionados of all things sewn can come together, trade patterns and get advice on the nuances of cross stitch.

For anyone looking to learn more about sewing, this site is a great resource.  The videos section offers nifty visual tutorials of different sewing, dyeing, and pattern techniques.  You can learn the basics or progress to more advanced techniques and projects.  This site grooms it’s members to replicate interesting projects and then be able to take those skills and a create projects of their own. The groups section is also a great place for different niches of this sewing network.  Each group’s title is named with an appropriate “We love to Sew!/Quilt!/Cross Stitch!/Embroider!“.  These should get you started in discovering the world of the boutique sewing.  

The network “Editor” has done a great job of designing this site and making it her own.  Her videos and pictures make it a great place to learn and connect with other people who sew.  So go ahead and see what’s new at!  


Pickup soccer in the Fog City

If you’ve ever felt the urge to get out and play soccer we’ve found a great network for you. The San Francisco Pickup Soccer network is dedicated to the weekend warrior in all of us who are looking for a competitive pick up game of soccer on the weekends in ‘Frisco. Every Saturday 28 of SF’s best footballers get together at Golden Gate Park for some intense pick up soccer games!

Members use the forum and blog to post scores and pictures from previous games. Network Creator Pete has also done a great job of using RSS feeds to post weather forecasts for upcoming weeks making sure members are ready to play rain or shine.

With all the exciting action coming up what are you waiting for? Pick up your cleats and join the San Francisco Pickup Soccer Network today!

Break social stereotypes at INKED Inc.

INKED Inc. is a social network for, you guessed it, tattoos. Whether you have 20, 10, one or none, you should take a look at this colourful and innovative network as you will find amazing bodyart that will awe you!

Network Creator, Dave Kimelberg, is a corporate lawyer with 3/4 sleeves on both arms. We are very excited that he took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to Ning about his network.

How did you hear about Ning?
I heard about Ning through word of mouth. Some of my friends are very involved in the social networking space and told me that Ning is a great platform.

What is your favorite network feature?
That’s a hard question — almost all of the features are great. If I had to choose, it would likely be the video feature. It’s incredibly easy to import videos, which members love.

How have your members reacted to the network?
They think it’s fantastic. I often get emails from members saying they love the network. The network is designed for a unique group of people, so they like the fact that they can interact with people like themselves.

What have you found most surprising in the process of creating this network?
Definitely how easy it is to create a robust and interesting social community. I’m not a programmer, but I find it simple to build the network into a dynamic space that looks and functions exactly how I want it to and how the members want it to.

What is your vision for your social network?
The network is part of a collection of things focusing on the counterculture community. It includes a book I published last year (INKED Inc.) about heavily tattooed professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) and other components. So the vision for everything is to bring the content to as wide an audience as possible with the hope of breaking down societal stereotypes of what it means to have bodyart.

Have your members met each other outside of cyberspace?
Yes. Some members have met individually after meeting on the network and we’ve had a couple of parties where large groups of members have showed up.

What is an area of your network that you’re most proud of?
There’s no specific area that I’m most proud of. I’m just happy that I’ve been able to provide a compelling network to a great group of people.

Anything else you’d like to share about Inked Inc?
I’ve received emails from people who have told me that the network has been a great experience for them personally. They’ve often felt like outsiders with their large amount of bodyart, but have been amazed at the number of people like them they meet on the network. They find this very reassuring.