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Cooking up ideas at AdBakery

AdBakery is a network that “puts your original ads and marketing ideas on display” like cupcakes at your local store.

From the friendly custom header, to the thematic names for features, the network does a great job of carrying the theme throughout. Members are bakers and instead of “My Page” — for profile information — people have “My Sheet.”

Network Creator Sean Hazell is a former account manager at an ad agency and his insider perspective sets the tone for the network. Members have recently weighed in on campaigns like the Sharpie fish bowl ad for waterproof markers and also use the network to post their own spec ads to get feedback on some of their ideas.

In one particularly interesting forum discussion, members share photos of unintentional product placements. Sometimes casual shots could make a great campaign, and many members eagerly show off their personal photos.

The hope is that the “best ideas will rise, the rest will go stale with the day-olds.” So go see what’s cooking over at AdBakery!