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Crafting a message with PitchEngine

PitchEngine tracks the social media PR revolution from an insider’s perspective. The network brings together PR managers, agencies and clients to talk about how social media is changing the industry, whether it’s finding yourself pitching a story idea via Twitter or wondering if anyone uses AP style anymore.

The network was started by Jason Kintzler, a communications manager at Brunton, an outdoor company based in Wyoming. He blogs regularly on the network, sharing his thoughts on why social media PR gets a bad rap and how to pitch your PR 2.0 ideas internally.

He has kept the network simple, focusing the main page on blog posts and RSS feeds and including only profile pages and the Forum to encourage discussion between members. Sometimes less really is more! For these PR professionals, it’s all about the written word.

If you’re ready to take your PR strategy to the next level, PitchEngine will help you do it!