Evan Goldin
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Some people are content traveling, guidebook and sunblock in hand, seeing the most popular sites the world over. For others, however, that’s not enough. They seek the back roads and the back alley cafes when traveling, and they also hang out at  the Untours Cafe. The network is packed to the brim with travel-related tidbits and information. The Network Creator has smartly used the Language Editor to rename the “Groups” tab to “Destinations”. Groups have then been created for a number of different destinations, from the popular Switzerland destination to the more low-key Umbria. Of course, even back roads travelers bring their cameras with them, and they capture the slightly hidden shots not everyone gets to view. Members have uploaded more than 3,000 photos to Untours’ photos section, and they’re adding new ones every day. And members of Untours definitely get around, as they show off photos from the Rhineland to Monet’s garden. So grab your backpacking gear and hike over to Untours Cafe!