Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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I'm a Colorado Birder, are you?

Colorado Birder is the network for birders, or birdwatchers, in Colorado.

Gary Lefko created Colorado Birder and focuses the network on activity both off and online. The latest activity feed on the left side of the network, announces new blogs, discussions, and network facts. Did you know there are 176 members on Colorado Birder?

Gary prominently displays the event calendar on the main page, allowing members and visitors to plan their birding activities. So far, more than 50 events have been posted, from festivals to field trips!

Hundreds of photos and videos have been added to the network, by the birding aficionados. Members display their feathered preferences in their profile photos and in response to profile questions. In a unique use of a music player, Gary has added over a dozen birdsongs!

Birding learning continues with discussions and notes of sightings. Gary also uses a text box on the main page to provide an extensive set of links to external informational websites, like the American Field Guide.

If you have an upcoming trip to Colorado, or merely want to learn about birding, swoop in to Colorado Birder!