Laura Gluhanich
Laura Gluhanich
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Listen up at Martina Topley Bird

Martina Topley Bird is a British vocalist who first lent her voice to tracks by Tricky on his popular albums of the 1990s. She has since released solo albums, and houses her main Web site at

One of the coolest features Marina takes advantage of is a page for Lyrics. An oft-forgotten aspect of musical websites, she provides lyrics for her most popular tracks. The network also has a tab that links to Web store, a key for any musician online.

The network takes advantage of built-in features as well, listing tour dates in the events calendar and announcing new singles in the forum. The music player is placed in the right column, allowing you to listen to her tracks while anywhere on the network. Photos provide press stills and her music videos are available at the videos tab.

Discover this fantastic musician at Martina Topley Bird!