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Racing, drifting with style

Remember when you were little and got your first remote controlled car? You used to race it around the living room and ram it into the walls. is all about what would’ve happened if you’d stuck with it.

Billed as “a place for RC drifters,” this network is all about RC car racing. But not just any old racing. Drifting! RC drifting is when the driver intentionally makes the rear wheels slip out causing the car to glide sideways around turns. While coming in first is important, style plays a major roll in this type of racing. You’ll never get any street cred keeping your car pointed straight ahead!

And these aren’t your regular remote-controlled cars. They’ve been upgraded and tuned to perfection! With advanced engines, slick paint jobs and specialty drifting tires, these cars put your station wagon to shame.

So before you start drifting your minivan around the neighborhood, grab an RC car, head over to and start spinning those tires!