Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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SelectsHockey: Connecting off the ice

Selects Hockey is a social network for elite hockey players and their parents to connect and share their experiences on and off the ice.

The Selects Hockey program was created in 2003 with providing “top players with an opportunity to compete against, develop and play with the top teams and players in the world.”  The program has garnered great success and blossomed into an internationally renowned way for young players to learn and for experienced players to gain valuable skills.

The network’s groups capture everything from individual teams to tours. Network Creator John St-Pierre is the CEO and co-founder of the the Selects program.  This network extends the company Web site to give parents and kids a great forum to chat about their experiences and learn what it means to be on a Select team.

Selects Hockey is where sport and networking are melded together, widening the reach of elite hockey players.  Whether you are a hockey player, a parent or just interested in the elite hockey circuit, you will want to crash the boards at Selects Hockey.