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100% Landscape Juice

No need to “hedge” your bets — Landscape Juice is a great network for garden and landscape enthusiasts.

After he finished some renovations on his farmhouse, Network Creator Philip Voice decided he needed to do something to keep him engaged with his passion. So he started Landscape Juice, and today almost 100 active members gather here to cultivate their knowledge of gardening and landscaping. Phil makes great use of polls to ensure that everyone has a say in the network’s direction.

One of my favorite parts of the network is its photos tab, where you can see everything from landscaping projects to micro-zoomed shots of flowers. A bunch of these are really hi-resolution, and would make for excellent desktop backgrounds. So definitely check out Landscape Juice, no matter what color your thumb is!

There is Nonelouder

It’s darker than the darkest night on a forsaken planet in a solar system with a black hole sun. It’s metal. It’s Nonelouder.

Nonelouder is a requisite for anyone into the metal scene. I’m talking music, not welding, so leave your blowtorch at home (on second thought, don’t). Want to hear the sound of 3,000 metalheads screaming? Check out the forum. There you can read up on recent live shows like Gigantour and the Maryland Deathfest. It’s also a great place to find that brutal bassist your band has always needed.

Notable contributors include former MTV VJ Iann Robinson and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. And if you think headbanging is just for guys, think again: Vocalist Otep Shamaya writes for NoneloudHer, a feature geared towards the women of metal.

Thrash, Death, Black, Power, even Folk — for all of mother Metal’s unholy spawn, check out Nonelouder.

Nerds and hip-hop mix at Nerdcore

In the past, we’ve looked at nerds and we’ve looked at hip-hop. Nerdcore por vida brings these two seemingly disparate lifestyles together as one.

The forum includes discussions about techniques and favorite podcasts, serving up knowledge like industry insiders. However the nerd shines through when lamenting the loss of a local arcade.

Check out Nerdcore live performances in the videos section. Popular performers include Rocket Propelled Geeks and MC Wreckshin, and MC Router, who are also members of the network. Take a look at what the nerdcore lifestyle consists of; albums, rhyme torrents, live shows, and of course, consumer electronic conferences.

Start repping your nerd crew at nerdcore por vida!

Dance and Culture Come Alive at

Combine a passion for culture, music and dance, and you get

Folklorico means ‘folk dance’ in Spanish. Each dance represents Mexico’s regions, history and culture. Dancers are beautifully dressed in traditional, colorful costumes, each telling tales of Mexico’s history’s past. Dances are often performed accompanied by the lively mariachi bands at parties, fiestas and family gatherings.

Network Creator Luis and members all share a common love for Mexico’s traditions of the past, expressed through music and folk dances. Members take advantage of the groups feature to showcase their local dance companies. They connect and network by using the forum to provide tips and ideas and share their stories and experiences as dancers. Luis‘s comment wall is filled with heartfelt thank you notes like the one left by a member, “Mil Gracias Luis — for having the insight to bring us all together to share the spirit of dance. El amor a nuestra cultura es tan rico y lleno de pasion! I love who I am for what I can do to express my Mexican heritage through dance. Viva el Mundo Folklorico!”

Feast your eyes on hundreds of photos like the spectacular ones from the slide show below. To fully experience this celebration of lively color, music and festivity, mark your calendar for these events and join

Celebrating everything Afropunk

Afro-punk is the network for fans of the Web site and cultural movement of the same name.

This network has an incredibly active event calendar. It covers film festivals, live performances and release parties covering every part of the New York Afro-punk movement.

The Afro-punk forum dives deeper into the different facets of this movement. Whereas many music centered networks might avoid politics, the forum at Afro-punk revels in it, providing individual space to discuss gender issues, topics on race and the political anything goes category, fostering debate on animal rights and welfare. Cultural topics are the hot spots though, with movies and music topping the list. The category to meet other punks is not far behind.

The artistic content added to the network from the members is rather staggering — 1800 images have been added to date! These provide sweet haircut and gear shots as well as live concert images.

Join in the movie, the festival, the movement, at Afro-punk.

Revisiting Veghaven

A short while ago we blogged about a great network called VegHaven.  Well since our blog they’ve been going leaps and bounds to make their network the perfect place to gather and spread their cause.  Because of this, we decided to ask the network creator Chris Tinney, otherwise known as the Ambassador of Abundance, a few questions about his network.

Why did you decide to create your social network on Ning?

I wanted to bring like minded people together to support each other in creating more of what they want.

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Take care of OurWorld

OurWorld is a social network for those interested in socially responsible consumption and investment. It is the brainchild of Jeff and Zig: two guys from New Jersey looking to create a socially responsible business of their own. But what spurred them to create OurWorld?

“A lot of people were thinking and talking and writing about pieces of the social responsibility puzzle, but no one seemed to be effectively bringing all of the issues together,” they said. “There were scattered communities of interest, but no one place where people from all across the social responsibility spectrum were getting together to compare notes and share ideas for practical use of our buying power to promote changes in the way business works.”

Learn about investing in solar stocks and stay in the know by reading Green Business News on the main page. If you need convincing that it pays to be ethical, check out the Jeff, the Network Creator’s, blog post about Ethisphere’s 2008 ranking of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies.” After all, capitalism has the potential to be an extremely effective engine for social change. When you’re all settled in to OurWorld, set up your OurWorld travel blog at The Concourse to let your friends know where you are and what you’re up to!

What else can you do on OurWorld?  Learn how to make your business socially responsible, promote your socially responsible business among a like-minded audience or just influence the wider world!

Join OurWorld to share ideas on using your investment and purchasing decisions to benefit humanity and the environment. Start improving the world with your buying power now!

A world of home schoolers

You may think homeschoolers are few and far-between, but Nor Cal Homeschoolers may be evidence of the contrary. This support network is a virtual meeting place for homeschooling families to come together and  share ideas, tips and information.

Just for being a member, you are entered into the Nor Cal Homeschoolers Contest to win a month-long pass to’s members only area! Even if you aren’t the lucky winner, there’s plenty to be gained. Members keep each other in the loop by posting awesome, local homeschooling events such as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s homeschooling day and a free beginning workshop on sign language for babies and young children

Groups are a great way for you to get exactly what you need. Looking to save a dime? Check out the Homeschooler Swap! If you’re new to homeschooling, connect with members for Homeschooling Methods, Book Lists and Reviews, and Homeschooling Links.

Make Nor Cal Homeschoolers your one-stop spot for homeschooling information today!

My motiv for BMW owners

My Motiv is the meeting place for BMW owners online. And members are proud of their cars, featuring them as photos on most profiles. To catch up with members of this network, keep up with BMW events, covering a variety of locations.

A unique feature to My Motiv is the Cause of the Month tab. This month is Cornwall Air Ambulance, which saved a member’s life airlifting him to safety. The page provides a link to the service, where visitors can learn about how to donate!

Videos are a popular feature on My Motiv, covering races, test drives, and hill climbs. For me, photos is where it’s at on My Motiv. You can search for classics, pick out rally cars or plan a wishlist of bimmers you’d like to own!

If you are a BMW owner, or simply an aficionado, check out My Motiv for your networking needs!