Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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AsiaPopTV — on the net

Pop culture surrounds us everywhere and is easy to find. But what about pop culture from … Asia! Asiapoptv.com is “the social network and media site for people who are interested in the rising pop culture in Asia. We discuss television, music, and pop culture in Asia with a slight Western twist.”

Features like videos are perfect places for members of this group to showcase popular culture. An Asian group Big Bang is showcased in a number of videos that highlight some deft dance moves.  Other groups are highlighted in the groups section of the network.  A popular Thai boy band, TVXQ, is the subject of one group. A large focus of this site is bringing Asian pop culture into Western view. This can be witnessed in the group about the band Super Junior.

Asian pop culture is defined by the millions of audience members, but is underrepresented in Western countries. If you are interested in seeing how Asian pop grows and gains popularity in the West, check out Asiapoptv.com!