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Avoiding mistakes big, small

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes. But its what we learn from these mistakes that allows us to learn and move forward with our lives. The goal of The Mistake Bank is to learn from faux-paux, slip-ups, and decisions gone wrong. Rather than focusing on the mistakes themselves, there is a central focus on the insight gained from these experiences.

The Mistake Bank is a place to share stories of mistakes people have made in their lives and careers. Members share videos and blog posts recounting mistakes others can learn from. From pitfalls in relationships, the workplace, or even life tragedies the forums are filled with great insight on how to deal with these unexpected events and learn from them on a daily basis.

So what was the inspiration behind the mistake bank?

According to Network Creator John Craddell, the idea was simple: Create a story library of mistakes that people could consult when they underwent some change — say, a large investment, a new company or a new job.

As John said, “Now that it’s in place and starting to grow, I’m finding, not surprisingly, that there are all sorts of interesting side benefits as well.”

Join The Mistake Bank today because after all, “From failure you learn; from success, not so much.”