Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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Digging ArchaeologyNet

Did you spend a lot of time in the sandbox as a kid?  Were you fond of making mud pies? Then chances are you have some archeologist in you.  ArchaeologyNet is a “business-oriented social network for professional archaeologists, archaeological technicians, archaeology students, avocational archaeologists, volunteers and educators.”

So if you are anyone of those people this network is a great place to connect.  From the forum discussions you can see how professionals and students are able to connect for work and mentoring purposes.  Going on your first dig?  A new discussion will yield a wealth of information from professionals about what you should know for the dig, what you should bring to the dig, and how hydrated you should keep yourself!  I guess all that dirt can make for a pretty dry throat.  The photos page is also definitely worth a look, if you like artifacts in a time capsule sort of way.

The Network Creator, Dan McLerran, has filled the home page with useful resources, such as a Job Board for any professional/potential professional looking to find a career in the field.  There is also a predictive archeological search engine that let’s users gain from their past searches.  These features make this an interesting and inviting network to play around on.  Whether you are an archeologist or just wish you were one, you should check out ArchaeologyNet.  To get you started check out the pictures here of some pretty neat digs!