Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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Educating educators

As more and more kids are born with laptops in their hands, the gap between teachers and students has become pronounced in the technical realm. Ning in Education is working to bridge that gap. Just as Ning is a network of social networks, Ning in Education is a network of educators using Ning for educational networks.

The Network Creator, Steve Hargadon, designed the main page as a complete resource for everything an educator using social networking in the classroom could want. Beginners in educational social networks should check out the Building a Ning Network from Scratch video tutorial. This will guide you through the process of making a successful e-learning network. New users to the network should also head to the Introductions forum and tell everyone a little bit about their educational networking goals. Everyone should check out the Resources box on the home page. It has links to sites that will help create robust e-learning tools.

For a more in-person experience, those interested should check out the Live Workshops.  Here you will get an in person experience of learning how to teach. Educators have created a plethora of e-learning networks from foreign language networks to business networks. Steve encourages all new Network Creators to post their network here and add to the list.

To learn about peoples personal experience with this innovative educational tool, the blog page gives users an in depth, first person look. Here you can see how useful this tool can be.  You can see that it’s a tidal wave all educators should check out and ride!

Check out a great video from the site explaining the movement in a cool ice cream analogy.