Jenny Zhu
Jenny Zhu
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Get aggressive with inline skating is a network for inline skaters, also known as booters. It’s a place to hang out and kill time with chill people who love inline skating. With nearly 500 members, booters are sharing over 3500 photos and 140 videos.

Forums are great for talking about a variety of topics. Booters can engage in an interesting debate about whether skaters or boarders have the better sport. Other conversations are more relaxed, talking about general BS or aspects of skating lifestyle. One set of discussions is meant to unite the inline skating minority — females, by providing a place to support one another .

Most unique were the discussions about creative writing. Creator of, NoRollingAdmin, explains that inline skating can be a truly religious experience and some booters share the experience with others through their writing.

The network is no fuss and no frills, reflective of the laidback culture of skate life. Booters everywhere should come hang out at!