Hot Wheels aren’t just for kids

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Remember those awesome Hot Wheels cars you loved as a kid? Well, they’re for grownups too! Hot Wheels Collectors Space is an extremely interactive network of Hot Wheels collectors everywhere.

If you managed to keep some of your favorite childhood toys in pristine condition, you might want to consider starting a collection. Photos showcase some of the proudest enthusiasts and their favorite cars. Use the Hot Wheels Collector Universe Map to find members across the country. Don’t forget to mark the 2009 Super Convention on your calendar! The network has a whopping 19 tabs covering all the basics and more, including auctions, a newsletter, conventions, contests, and a one stop diecast.

Even the most passionate Hot Wheels collector will have more than enough to do at Hot Wheels Collectors Space!

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3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels aren’t just for kids

  1. Jenny

    Hi Agent P and cGuth,

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    We’re always happy to feature awesome networks like yours! I look forward to seeing Hot Wheels Collectors Space continue to grow.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. cGuth

    Hey Jenny, thanks for the everything! We all are working in overdrive to make this as good as it can possibly be. With help from great people like you, it will be a success!

    Yuku rocks too!

  3. Agentp

    Thank you very much for the “plug” Jenny.

    We love what we’re doing and this website is the perfect platform to connect with our collecting friends around the world!

    We feel this is the best site to have evolved in such a short time! And we’ll get bigger and better as more collectors discover how fun and exciting this really is!

    HWS Administrators

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