Evan Goldin
Meeting the Occult on PaganSpace
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The Occult has a new online home: PaganSpace.net. The network, which will soon reach 7,500 members, is becoming the best on the Internet for the members of the Occult to meet and connect.

PaganSpace’s forum is one of the most active places on the network. Sabrina the Ink Witch‘s discussion “Old members, new ones and all in between” is a good place to start for new members. She describes the best way for new members to get involved and stay involved, and more than 250 members have replied with their own thoughts. Do you possess psychic or clairvoyant abilities? Join the related discussion, where members have shared fascinating stories about what abilities they have and where their abilities have taken them.

To help manage the incredible amount of discussion that takes place on the network, the Network Creator has added a wholly separate second forum just for announcements on the networks. It’s a great way to keep regular discussions separate and distinct from messages the Network Creator and administrators need to communicate to members. (If you’d like to do this on your network, we have instructions here!)

Why stop there? In an effort to create a forum — separate from the other two — where members can ask for help, the Network Creator added a third forum purely for members who need assistance. Now that’s thoughtful.

The network will most definitely have you hooked after you’ve tried out the Live Psychic Reading. So if the Occult is you’re thing, stop by PaganSpace!