Jenny Zhu
Jenny Zhu
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Quadratics galore at KHMS e Mathematics

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was a pretty awesome mathlete back in the day. I’m not afraid to admit it — I love math. Maybe that makes me nerdier than average, but it also explains why I love KHMS e Mathematics, a network for 10th-grade students learning and exploring mathematics.

Members are students and educators alike who blog ideas for math projects, syllabi and guidelines. The Network Creator makes it clear that the network is to be taken seriously; KHMS e Mathematics is meant for “improving mathematics learning skills and creative skills using web strategies.”

It’s undeniable — youth spend a significant amount of time on the Internet. Educators are starting to use this trend to their advantage by incorporating technological conveniences into the learning process. KHMS e Mathetmatics is a prime example of how members can use their networks innovatively and effectively!