Will Jelliffe
Will Jelliffe
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Sharing your 25 Tools

The 25Tools network is an educational development forum to connect educators using valuable free online tools. Members use the 25 Web tools to advance their comfort and skill when using the Web. Entering the Web 2.0 world can be daunting, but this program guides you through, and brings you up to speed with the revolution.

The Network Creator, Jane Hart, has made the front page an inviting introduction to this network. Her E-Learning pick of the day is a perfect way for members to keep up-to-date on the trends in e-learning techniques and tools. Jane has also uploaded episodes from a video series by Commoncraft. These instructive tutorials guide members through concepts that can be difficult for some to comprehend — like, say, blogging — to better acquaint them and make them better educators on this difficult new ideas.

The forum page shines as a place where members are able to suggest new tools and discuss how best to use those in the 25 tools arsenal. Here you can find arguments for a specific browser or advantages of a social mind-mapping tool. Whatever your web-aptitude, you will probably benefit from heading over to 25Tools and catching the web 2.0 wave of the future!