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The soccer lifestyle at Acquaviva

It Acquaviva, it’s all about soccer.

From the moment members set foot upon the network, they are given a plethora of soccer-related information and news. Members can, of course, check out the latest news from the Euro 2008 tournament thanks to a nifty RSS feed.

For members who are looking to talk to soccer, look no farther than the Acquaviva forum. There, members dish out and debate all things soccer, like their predictions for the upcoming soccer season and soccer content tryouts.

However, talking about soccer only goes far. To really experience soccer, you have to see it. Accordingly, the video feature on the network is very popular. Members have uploaded hundreds of videos. You can check out Billy Wingroves teaching freestyle or soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrating his moves.

Wherever your soccer interest lies, you’ll find that Acquaviva is right place to explore it.