Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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There is Nonelouder

It’s darker than the darkest night on a forsaken planet in a solar system with a black hole sun. It’s metal. It’s Nonelouder.

Nonelouder is a requisite for anyone into the metal scene. I’m talking music, not welding, so leave your blowtorch at home (on second thought, don’t). Want to hear the sound of 3,000 metalheads screaming? Check out the forum. There you can read up on recent live shows like Gigantour and the Maryland Deathfest. It’s also a great place to find that brutal bassist your band has always needed.

Notable contributors include former MTV VJ Iann Robinson and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. And if you think headbanging is just for guys, think again: Vocalist Otep Shamaya writes for NoneloudHer, a feature geared towards the women of metal.

Thrash, Death, Black, Power, even Folk — for all of mother Metal’s unholy spawn, check out Nonelouder.