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Tonight’s release is complete, and your networks are now equipped with a ton of great new features and fixes to take advantage of. Best of all, we were able to avoid taking your networks offline!

Feel free to visit the discussion about this release, or check out the full details of all changes. Below are just a sample of the new features available:

  • Forum Improvements: In addition to cosmetic fixes, we’ve introduced the ability to display “Featured” discussions in the forum section, much like featuring members or groups. Network Creators will now have the ability to swap your forum between two styles:
    • “Flat” — replies are shown in chronological order, or
    • “Threaded” — replies are indented below the post or the reply that they respond to

    There will also be an option to set the main Forum page default view to show categories only, latest discussions by time or latest discussions by category.

  • Enhanced Viral Widget Distribution: You and your members can easily spread your network’s badges, widgets, individual videos and photo album slideshows to MySpace, Facebook and 15 other popular destinations without the need to copy and paste HTML embed code.
  • Drag-and-Drop Profile Page Layout Editing: Let your members freely re-arrange their profile pages. We’ve also added Network Creator controls to allow/disallow members to change their profile page themes and/or layouts.
  • Friendships will now appear in Latest Activity: New friendships between members of your network will be announced in the Latest Activity feed. Like all other latest activity, you can disable these from appearing.